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This video highlights Veterans Manor in Milwaukee, a supportive housing project for military veterans. I’m impressed with this, especially how they incorporate a skills development and enterprise aspect to the building:

Here’s what The Atlantic Cities site wrote:

Onsite counselors from CVI allow residents quick and easy access to support and guidance. In addition, the facility features a commercial kitchen cooking 22,000 meals weekly for local schools, according to Sam Newberg’s Joe Urban blog, while offering training for the veterans in the food service industry. The kitchen, which also cooks for residents, is operated by the nonprofit Milwaukee Center for Independence. The Center’s training program includes both classroom training and daily functional work activity.  Soon to come is a bistro-style Troop Cafe that will offer meals to the community.

This passage from Veterans Manor’s website speaks to the importance of addressing veterans’ homelessness:

One of the first lessons learned in the military is “Leave no comrade behind.”

Yet many veterans find themselves “left behind” when they leave the service. The VA estimates that 107,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and that over the course of a full year, approximately twice that many will experience homelessness.