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My latest, on the renaming of the Edmonton City Centre Airport:

Seriously, though, the survey and process does provide insight into how many Edmontonians think about our city. It’s a reflection some image of a city we’d like to see Edmonton as, not the city we are. Two notable airport to residential community conversions – Stapleton in Denver and Mueller in Austin – preserved their names, and I doubt anyone feels that cheapened them. In fact, the link to the history is more likely to enhance the community. Its current state is an evolution, another step in the site’s history.

It’s possible to forget amid all the talk about our increasingly urbanized world that not everyone lives in urban settings, or wants to, or even wants to hear about urban problems as if they were the only problems on earth. That’s not to say we shouldn’t talk about cities (Atlantic Cities would never suggest that!). But is there a way to do so without patronizing or triggering the defenses of people who don’t live in large metros (or the politicians, like Rick Santorum, who do live there but like to pretend that they don’t).